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Anyone else we forgot cause the original post is getting WAY to big.

Ok heres mine:

1998 Sentra SE, black 5 speed, all options (ABS too)

Performance mods:
Hotshot g3 header
Hotshot cold air intake
Timing @ 19 degrees

Eibach Sportlines
Courtesy Nissan front and rear strut tower bars

Kenwood ExCelon CD player
Polk DB speakers all around

Cosmetic: Knis-Nacks chrome projector headlights, Stillen front GTR lip spoiler, 33% window tint all around


Where do you have them? They need to be on a website. Photopoint will work. get them on a site then all you have to do is link them. to do this post the lonk and put
directly arter it.


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Ok, heres another. Yes that is me standing in between the 2 cars. The other car to the right of the picture is my friends Brand new 2001 Dodge Stratus R/T, 200hp v6 5 speed, quick ass car. Dead even with me and I ran 15.4's. once again sorry for the shitty lighting


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Past SE-R mods
19degrees, 2" no-name exhaust, 14" borbet rims, and K&N dropin filter
RIP Blackie

Current SE-R
Waiting on the new HOTSHOT intake system to come in
Waiting on my GREEDY exhaust system to come in
(Yes I meant to spell it like that)

17" Tenzo R Schumacher
To be installed GC/AGX's

Das it for now. I need a freakin job! Can't wait after I'm done with my intern. So in time I can hang with the big heads up in this forum by means of N2OOOOOOOOO! Yea right my gurl is gonna kill me. (Did I jus say that)
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