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posting pic's?

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how do I post my pic's on this site?
I have two to show off
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OK, lets see if I can explain this right. First of all, go to this site. once there register and open an account. Once registered, login and go to the main page. It will have all the different albums. Off to the left, you have an option that says upload photos. Click on that, and go down to browse for photo, then click go. Enter in the number of photos you want to upload, then click browse. Go to the directory of the picture on your computer, and select the photo you want, then click open. It will then put the directory on the photo in the upload line. Once you have all the photos entered in, click upload now. It will then say "We have received your pictures, and we're putting them into your album now. This may take a few minutes" Click on the return to album list at the bottom of the page. That will take you back to your album page. Up top it will say "you have # incoming photos" click on that. It will then take you to a menu with little pictures of each photo. Click on the first photo you want to post, and it will enlarge it to a slightly bigger size, click on the picture again, and it will largen it even bigger. It will be the only thing on your page. Then, copy the link in the address bar, and enter it in like this:
In between the and the address, do not put a space. Then, go back and do the same for the next picture you want posted. That should be it. If it doesnt work, keep on asking, and we will see what we can do.

Kris94G20 [img]
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I noticed you have an @home e-mail address. You have web space that you can post pics to. Then all you need to do is use the
UBB code. My fiancee has @home for her e-mail, and I use her space to store pics and videos. For mine, the address is you call the page of file). I would check with your service provider to see if this is the same for you.

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I usually upload mine to the geocities site. I have a folder there that I use, and erase when I need to.

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i think geocities is the easiest to post pics too.

and you don't get that annoying photopoint banner.

but once you get em up it's easy {img}http://www.yoursitehere/yourimage.jpg{/img}

just replace {} with []

hope this helps!

yea a newbie with ubb knowledge!!!

and a want for a 91 SE-R
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