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Has anyone put a power antenna in their classic? You know, the type that runs up when the radio is on and retracts into the body when you turn the radio off. I am trying to find out if one will fit in the right front fender where the OEM antenna is located. They are available at AutoZone, KMart, Wally World, etc for about $40. I'm getting ambitious now that I replaced the door hinges on the driver's side and was forced to figure out how the fender comes off...

I thought about Fuba (or a rip-off) but I don't feel like cutting holes in the roof or going to the expense of having the OEM antenna hole shaved.

TIA everybody

Yup! This is a major pain in the butt though. I did custom installations for 13 years and I will not do this job again. I used a 2 piece Harada unit with a black mast. The motor assembly is in the passanger kick panel. Good luck...

Brian 91 Classic 16K Show car...with POWER windows,locks,antenna,trunk,and sunroof-all controled by remote...Check it out at...

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