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previous overheating fixed..guess what it was!?!

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well we all figured it have to do with the water pump, but wow you wouldnt believe!!! the water pump litterly was worn down to a chunk of rotating tin can ! it was soo eatin away i dont see how the car didnt over heat and blow up right away !!! my previous thoughts where that the sr20 didnt have a good cooling system but damn i give it 2 thumbs up for not totally overheating when it was running with noooo water pump!!!

thanks alot guys for the help.... now you will all know what it is if your car heats up wierdlly! it a totally rotted away pump!
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nizzan4u2nv said:
Thats an SR for ya.
Hell yea, myne never even nudges up in the temp! In fact my cooling is so good i dont even have a heater! :( Its really cold in ghetto ville.
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