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ECU Question????

I recently acquired a JDM Primera Engine that I plan on turboing...the engine came complete with harness, ECU and complete header including flex piping. (BTW, The header is for sale) Anyway, on the back left side of the Primera ECU there are 2 windows........

On the first window from the left, is a see through window, covered with plastic and inside is an adjustable dial??? What is this dial for?? It can be turned left or right.

The second window appears the same on the outside, however, there is a red light inside.

I haven't removed my NA DE ECU yet, maybe it has it to, or maybe it's a JDM thing....does anyone know is this rare and or what is the "gain" knob for!!!

If it's something cool, it's not for sale...hahaha
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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