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I have been doing endless research on 240sx's and sr20det swaps for my next daily driver forEVER now.

I had finally found a local s14 with low enough miles that I thought the body would be in decent shape. I went and looked at it, and it was total TRASH, the entire underbody was rust and it was just crap all around.

Well, while looking at the jank s14, the guys friend pulled me aside when the guy went inside and told me that he knew a guy selling an already swapped sr s14 for $3500

Uploaded with

Long story short I got the guy's # and went to look at the car. It had everything needed for the swap, the guys just couldn't figure out the wiring and ecu.I ended up getting it for $3k with a guaranteed engine and tranny! The only parts I have to buy are the wiring harness ($400), and an ECU ($170). Now its time for my project to begin, and still thinking on paint and stuff when we get the car running smoothly

Already purchased items for the new toy:

S15 conversion kit
Apexi Noir Catback
Mishimoto Radiator
ECU (#62)
Wiring Specialties Harness for s13 sr into s14

Should be an amazing daily driver when I am done.
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