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My radiator busted today and I got a refurbished one for $120.
Im starting now to change it over.
I wish I had the 300ZX radiator cap. I heard those are good for some kind of pressure.
Well, here goes nothing!!

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LOL. I wish it was that easy!!
Well everything is hooked up.
I have to fill her up take her for a spin.
The only prob I had was I busted fan bolt but I scavenged around and found a replacement. I have a question though:
The stock radiator was plastic, this one is steel. Am I in trouble here?

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Operation Radiator has been completed.

woohooo. No leaks and good as always. Unfortunately I was not able to get any kills on my test drive. =-(
I put some Water Wetter in there and I can already feel the extra 8 hp.( heh heh j/k)
Any comments on the steel radiator? I hope it doesnt rust thru. Yikes! It came with a 3 year warranty though. =-) we'll see.
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