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I'm not quite ready to get new rims as I'd like to keep my car as low-key as possible, but I'm starting to do some homework for the possible future when I move out of the city.

I've been looking around, and I'm finding several black Team Dynamics rims that I really like. I'm not going to go 17" as I believe 16" is plenty for a B13, at least for mine.
( )

Has anyone had any experience with TD rims? And if so, can anyone recommend a reseller that I might be able to call to get pricing, or even a website? Also, can anyone recommend other makers of black/anthracite rims that might complement a Classic?

Thanks much

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A trip over to and I found the SSR Competions. Those look pretty nice. Personally, I like the ASA LS5's for your car. Check it out man.

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Personaly I love the b14 rims. Find a set of 99 rims that are the titanium color, espcialy if you have a red car. They look great. Or you can do like a few other people have done and have them powedercoated. i think they are some of the best looking rims....
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