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I'm not %100 on this but I think thats what JWT dose to the SE-R ECU's.

As for the KA ECU I have no idea...But I *heard* it is easyer for JWT to program a KA ECU for a DET set-up than it is for them to do a SE-R ECU. Reason being is the KA ECU (design) is uesd in JDM DET's BB,GTI-R + Silivia.

Try shooting JWT an E-mail they could give you a solid answer.

98sentraSE Turbo

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OK, you highly astute and friendly turbo guys, it's time to enlighten your Nissan brethren:

"From what I've heard, in order to "chip" the SR20DET ECU (and the KA I believe), you need to install a piggyback daughter board that will accept proms. I don't believe that you can just wire in a prom socket. If anyone has any info on this, please let me know. Also, if anyone is on the SE-R list, could you pose the question to them? I'm sure that the SR20DE of the same era uses similar if not the same ECU architecture, and many of them have done an SR20DET swap from vehicles like the Sunny GTi-R and etceteras.

Thanks for the information!

Erik J
92 SE - Dying to Drift"

As the posts start to fly, I'll let the 240 group know about this great forum. Also, please ignore my erroniuos post in the General SR20DE section(thanks, Ben).

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