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Its easy, get good tools,good directions(FSM,FSM,FSM!), and ask questions about anything your not sure about before you do the install.

Read this.

or go to the arcives and search for

Camshaft Installation Hints

Alignment is easy. You unplug the distributer after the vc has been removed and turn the car over till it lines up with the marks that are specified in the directions. Zip tie the chain to the sprockets and release the tensioner,the cams have a knob that aligns with the sprockets just like a key. Do one cam at a time and you shoulden't have any problems. I used two ties for each sprocket to be sure the chain didn't jump.

Mike G.
broken 98se w/bb det(soon..)

p.s. Ben I got the header off today but I still haven't heard from John.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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