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I should be getting my friend's 91 classic at the end of this month... and even if he backs out on me I think I'll have to search for an SE-R. I'm hooked.

In my few years of hopping up water-cooled VW's I've noticed that there are a couple easy ways to improve upon performance and looks of pretty much every generation of car. I was wondering if there are any similar cheap/easy tricks in the classic...

1- Euro bumpers. the MKI generation of american VWs came with these enormous boat anchors that could be replaced by their european counterparts for about 40 LBS weight savings on the extreme ends of the car.

2- Sound deadening removal. This is a bit of an extreme measure, but it is good for about another 50-70 LBS. Kind-of a "racer-only" mod.

3- Euro cam (or on 16v's euro intake cam). Good for a few HP, and still passes emissions no sweat.

4- hella H4, or other E-code lighting upgrade. Absolutely necissary on MKII jettas and golfs with DOT square lights.

I haven't driven my pal's SE-R at night yet so i don't know how necissary the upgraded headlights are, but i'd like to know if there's enough sound deadening to make it worth my while to remove... I'd also like to know if there's a heavy rebar under the bumpercovers that could be replaced by a lighter weight version. I know I can get cams for this thing, but I'd like to know how cheap they are and whether or not they'll pass smog in CA. Basically, I'd like to make the car even MORE quick and nimble than it is without doing any real work/spending real dough.
...I DO have every intention of spending and working a lot, though

thanks for any info!

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From what I've read on foreign sites, North America got the hottest B13 Sentra/Sunny. The SE-R (and latin Tsuru GSR2000 counterpart) are the only ones that I know of that got the SR20DE. The rest were SR18DE, GA16DE, or lower economy sedans. Of course, there were plenty of other SR20DE sport compacts, but they were all either on a different platform (Pulsar SSS, for example) or in the case of the NX, had a completely different body style.

Our "high port" '91-'93 SE-Rs have the most aggressive cam grind, so no point in playing in the domestic parts bin. Nissan Motorsports has sold a sport cam (from a Pulsar GTi-R DET?), but it wasn't much bang for the buck. If you want more performance, aftermarket JWT cams or similar are the way to go.

I've heard that the '91-'92 headlights aren't as good as the revised ones on the '93-'94 SE-R, but I don't know. They work for me, and I contend that if you need serious lighting upgrades, just spring for some hardcore auxillary lights. If you can find a junkyard '93-'94 Sentra SE-R or SE, the grill/headlights and front bumper cover will fit on a '91-'92.

Also, I have read of places selling the even newer headlight/grill combination from the '00+ Tsuru in Mexico - they still sell the B13 four-door down there. If I recall correctly, it wasn't all that cheap, though.

When I took my front bumper off, I think it was mainly plastic and foam. The only reason to swap would be for cosmetic reasons (like for the more aggressive looking '93-'94 bumper).

The '91-'92 SE-R is pretty slick right out of the box. If you want to improve the experience, just give it a tune-up and bolt on a more aggressive wheel and tire combination. Energy Suspension poly bushings, fresh struts (KYB AGX is a good buy), new motor mounts, and synthetic fluids are just a number of things that make the car more pleasurable to drive without getting extreme.

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Thanks for the reply! Exactly what I was looking for.

Leave it to Nissan to bring all the good stuff over here. VWOA could learn a thing or two from them...

The tune-up and switch to synthetic fluids is first on my list, then come the poly bushings and motor mounts, then lightweight wheels and stickier rubber. right now it has Toyo Proxies and a pretty good suspension, the combo should be good for a while. I'll have to see about the lighting.

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Yes the metal part of the front and rear bumpers are heavy, yes you will die if you remove them and get in a wreck. The sound deadening material is all over the place, trunk , floorboard , inside car on rear quarters. Total savings est= 30lbs. Thats if you can stand the increased noise. I'd say stick to motor upgrades usless you are going full race.
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