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Thanks to Andreas, I may be squeezin nitrous into my SER real soon. Before I do so I would like to get a couple questions answered.

First off, would a MSD 6A or any ignition amplifier be needed with the 100 shot?
Second, what is the optimal bottle pressure when using NOS?
Finally third, I am thinking of going the unorthodox route of squeezin the JWT 100 shot kit. I plan to have 4 nozzles (dry of course)each one going into each runner of the intake manifold. I would like to know if anyone has had any experience in installing direct port kits for these cars in S.Cali. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hey CruznSER. I am currently running the JWT 100 shot. I am using the single fogger and it is working fine. I have it tapped into my PR intake approximately 3" away from the TB. I am also using the stock ignition no problems. Just make sure you have your timing adjusted dead nuts on 15*. I believe mine was retarted a bit below 15 and I burnt up an exhaust valve. JWT told me after the fact that you have to jumper two of the wires on the TPS to set base timing with the NOS program. THIS IS NOT IN THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. I did not have my timing adjusted properly before I knew this little bit of info.

As far as bottle pressure is concerned, I believe that optimum is between 900 and 975 PSI. Get the bottle heater and a pressue gauge. NOS goodies are fun.

Good luck. I hope that this helps.

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I run a 'wet' direct-port NOS setup, so most things are applicable...
The MSD box probably won't do you any good with the JWT ECU, as the JWT ECU retards the timing for you, IIRC. The 6A box will make better spark, sure, but isn't mandatory with NOS. Let the JWT ECU do it's work for you.
Secondly...installing the direct port is not *too* difficult, but does take some time. The intake manifold will have to come completely out of the car, which on a Classic is a tight fit (high port). You'll scrape some knuckles.
Drilling four holes in your only alumninum intake manifold isn't for the faint at heart. You can be rest assured that if you make a mistake when drilling, that JB Weld will patch up a 1/16 hole in a SR20 intake very well. Don't ask me how I know

Third...with my 'wet' setup, however, I do have infinite adjustability of the nitrous and fuel, and can turn things up or down, as I see fit. Also, with my MSD box, a Digital 6, I can dial in any amount of timing retard I'd like, to the .10 of a degree. This is tricky stuff to get sorted out, but that's the price I pay.
Again, this is already done for you with the JWT setup, but some folks like to do this stuff themselves.
In sum...make sure you've got a solid aftermarket clutch in the car, fresh axles, and use NGK copper plugs. That's about it.
Nitrous will expose any other weaknesses in your powertrain, and will do so quickly.
Any more questions, just email me.

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