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Much love for the B-13
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Well I did a rally cross this past Saturday and what can I say...It was SOOOO much fun!!! The 92 SE-R did great even with the crappy 175/65/14 tires. The European Rally School is a nice facility and all the people running the event were tops.

I was running in the 2wd stock class and beat a Conquest TSI and a Focus as well a an Accord for 1st in class. But the cool thing was that I was in the top 10 times of the day out of 40 cars! Handily beating lots of Subarus. That is a wonderful thing in an $1800 SE-R.

Big props to John from Ft Lauderdale for driving 5 hours to be the other SE-R there and get 2nd in 2wd modified. No one could touch the 2wd mod winner...a fully preped ITB/rally/hillclimb A2 Golf on A032R Yokes. Fastest times of the day by far.

If you get a chance to rallycross...DO IT...You WILL have a lot of fun!

'96 SE-R No bolt unturned...13.82 @ 109.71
'92 E Lots of factory bolts still in place
'92 SE-R all stock with out a sunroof, kicking ass at rallycross!
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