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Here's what i got: (btw tis is all from a 93 b13)

power window switch with the pigtail on it

dimmer switch with pigtail on it

unknown light panel which looks like it fits to the left of the dimmer switch....with pigtail.

center console trim with foglight/hazard/defogger plugs/cig lighter/HVAC controls/middle pocket...and pigtails!! (down side is, unbeknownst to me until i took it off, apparently it's really not sad blue, blue-blue :eek: ...underneath the grey paint that was the interior color....i didn't even know interiors came in blue :tongue: :confused:

how's $6 shipped sound for any of the first three plugs and maybe...70 shipped obo for the center console.

pm or post, lmk!

thank you!

and if there's calls for pics i'll post upon request as my camera is mia right now
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