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I'm starting my spring cleaning early this year, by trying to clear out our storage bays. This is just an rought estimate off the top of my head of this that I have, but I will edit it later on with more accuracy and with prices. For now this is just to gauge interest.....

Parts List
factory fuel rails (HP)
USDM and JDM high port injectors (247cc?)
GTi-R injectors (444cc)
Bluebird injectors (370cc)
USDM and JDM throttle bodies (same size)
Complete B13 SR20 wiring harness
Complete JDM Primera wiring harness
USDM B13 ecu's (M/T)
USDM B13 and P10 ecu's (A/T)
brand new factory intake cam (HP)
brand new factory exhaust cam
used cams (intake and exhaust)
used factory cam gears
Nissan & Infiniti valve covers
factory radiators and fans
T3/T04B turbo with 60-1 wheel and 1.0 back housing (yes, 1.0), freshly rebuilt
factory USDM & JDM header
USDM B13 rear bumper (pearl red)
USDM 91 front bumper (unpainted black)
Mazda MX6/626 Lower lips
USDM and JDM N/A HP heads (complete)

If anyone is interested in anything here, feel free to PM or e-mail me ([email protected]) for a faster response.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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