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Is there any chance of fitting one of these in a G20 or other SR20 powered car? I don't know how big they are but I'm assuming a straight 6 would be pretty big. Anyway I found a place that sells RB25DET from Skyline GT-S with tranny for $4K. Yeah it's RWD, I know...just dreaming here for a minute. Anybody know anyone that's put one of these beasts in anything else?

RB engines are huge, definatly wont fit in a car that was manufactured front wheel drive.
check that out, and it doesnt even begine to show the length and deapth and bulk of the engine, why not stick with the SR20? get a GTiR quad throttle body SR20det you could pick one of those up for less than $2000 US dollars, its going to fit and you can spend the rest of your cash on getting that mill going even harder and build it up, also stuff like upgrading your brake system, which you will definatly need.
$4000 US is a lot of money for an engine and gear box over here you can half that figure and then some for a RB20det. common as a honduh.

primeras its where its at.
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