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$450 shipped for everything

Here I have a T28 turbo off a RB26det. The turbo is factory, I am unsure on how many miles, but there is NO SHAFTPLAY whatsoever.

I originally bought it for 400 dollars to use on a turbo project. It came with no lines, fittings, or exhaust dump. I paid 40 dollars for the fittings, 100 dollars for the earls lines, and another 100 dollars for the exhaust dump.

-The exhaust dump and turbo is 6 bolt as apposed to the 5 bolt design.
-The turbo is a t3 flange
-The fittings are new and so are the SS lines by earls.
-You will need a outlet compressor adaptor
-This turbo is for RWD. Unless you can sorce a 6 bolt flange for the exhaust dump.
-I am not parting out
-450 shipped.
Here are the pics

Edit: The t2 exhaust flange gasket is not included because it is a t2 and not t3. This is one of the reasons I am selling this turbo. I thought all t28s were t2 but when I bought this turbo, it would not mate to my manifold.
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