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re: front bumper

I have a question, do any of you know a good looking front bumper out there for 200sx's? I ordered my stillen one which i love about four months ago! and its still not here. Adam Hume who seems to be a cool guy keeps giving me this **** about oh our manufacturer hasnt shipped it to us yet yada yada yada... my factory ones all cracked up because of some ladys dumb ass driving who i lightly hit a while ago. Id just like to have my car looking not ghetto by the time spring if anyone has any info let me know!

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I opted to swap put my 96 bumper for the sporty 98 bumper cover. It's more agressive looking, and matches well,. It still retains factory like functionality as well. Best part, is that I only paid $100 for it from the Stealership! Here's a pic. for you.

If this doesn't suit your fancy, then there is a new B14 EVO style bumper in the works. Here's a link to pics. of that.

EVO bumper


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Will they be making a b13 evo front? If they do will be clean as the b14?

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A Hood scoop Next or front mount intercooler?
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