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well my car is a 96 se 200sx. im a noob to nissan like my first post says so i need some help. my car is already a speed. i can get the aveneir motor with computer and mass air flow sensor for 1500. can someone else list what i need. thannk you

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You'll need all of this:

Tranny (if you have the money get a P11 tranny AKA G20)
Motormounts for a sr20 (if you have the money get urthane ones)
ECU reflashed by Jim Wolf Technology
Walboro 255 Fuel Pump
May need spark plugs and wires (due to how old the ones that come w/ the engine are)
Need a SR20 Distributor
a Down Pipe and exhaust if you dont have one already
you will need a FMIC (Front Mount Intercooler)
Piping for the FMIC
a Blow Off Valve
EGR Sensor
Knock Sensor
Head Temp Sensor
O2 Sensor
all these sensors need to be from a 95-97 b14
I would also recommend a some gauges

Oil Pressure

Now a Turbo timer is not needed for this swap. Its only for lazy people who want to leave their car for 30seconds-1 minute on while they arent in the car well you can do it yourself. A boost controller isnt needed for this swap. Its just nice to have to be able to increase the boost and power of the car but you need to make sure you have the supporing components for the boost. But thats basically it i know i've over looked a few things so if anyone has some additional imput go ahead and help him out. Oh and i believe you could just re wire a b14 wiring harness to accept some of the avenir sensor clips.
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