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really dumb but necessary ?

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Hey. This sounds really stupid but how in the hell do I take off the window crank to get the door panel off. I have a 93 se-r, and it's got manual windows. I've been trying for like an hour. I'm pretty frustrated. Any help would be great
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there is like a little c-clip thats holding it in.. if you get like a little flathead screwdriver and push in the door panel a little bit around the hole where the crank goes in, you should see a clip in there (might need a flashlight to see it). just pop the clip off and the crank should come right off.
if you pull on the handle a little bit, you will see a piece of metal that looks like a bend paper clip. It is shaped kind of like a 'U' but with the top of the U flared out. Push on the top of the 'U' with something small like a screwdriver. here does a pathetic diagram:
|__ <push this way

hope that helped :tongue:
ahhh, those things drive me nuts in my b13. i broke mine off trying to get it off.
There is actually a tool for this. It's appropriately called a "window crank removal tool." You could also buy a "hook tool" set from Pepboys or Autozone. You then use the small hook to reach around and pull out the clip.

Here are some links:

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Ok. thanks. I got it off. I appreciate it.
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