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Rear suspension noise on B15 SR20DE

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Well, I couldn't take it anymore. The dealer tried to help and they didn't do very well. So, while I didn't have time for it today, I did it anyway.

Rented the spring compressor and borrowed notes from Y2K SE--thanks! Took it all apart and guess what? The dealer didn't replace anything but the struts. They left all of the old hardware in place--mounts, etc. I was not happy---especially when they told me they were going to replace that stuff. If the work I have done below doesn't do it, I am going back and demanding that they replace the hardware.

After messing with the spring compressor and forgetting to mark the spring/perch/strut on the passengers side, I got it done. I took everything apart and greased it up really good. What I noticed was that there was NO grease anywhere in the assembly. Not one bit. That rubber isolater---under the gold washer that has a gold sleeve---it was binding on the shocks shaft (mind out of the gutter, please ;)) Once it was cleaned and greased good, it traveled on the shaft freely. Finally, I stacked 5 washers under the top nut---on top of the gold washer. Hit it with the impact wrench and slapped it back in. Went for a ride and hardly any noise---even with the back seats down. On to the next side---which I am hoping is what was causing the little noise I was hearing during my first drive.

Tear it apart and have it back in within 30min---learning curve kicked in;) Was putting the bolt in that attaches the shock to the hub and guess what? I stripped it:( Yup, it's in about ¾ of the way and won't come out, or go in. I'm screwed.

Question is this: Do you think that bolt has to be ordered from Nissan? My guess is yes. Second, I am not about to attempt the repair. I am almost certain it will need to be cut off with a torch and possibly even further cut with a cutoff tool to get it out. The side with the bolt head is sticking out enough to be easy cutoff. The otherside with the nut is going to be tough since it has a mechanism on the hub to hold the nut so you don't have to use a wrench when tightening. Hard to describe. I am not taking it to the dealer for that as they'll rape me on the labor and I don't have any grease left for the abuse :) Enter my next option: I have a Monroe up the street from me that has done minor work on my cars before. Is it safe to assume they could handle that? My guess is yes. Thoughts? Quite frankly, I don't want to drive it any further than I have to for fear the bolt will snap.

I hope this will have solve my noise issues.

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