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He listed this block again because he couldn't sell it last week at $350. If there were a lot of questions answered (piston type, etc.), this could be a good buy for somebody.

Could be. If the right answers come up, that is.


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Actually gang, I called and spoke to Don about it 2 days ago. Heres the details:

-- Bored 30 over, a little bigger than the typical 87mm(20 over) bore and the pistons are strictly OEM type replacements, only as durable as stockers. I think he said he used BRGS pistons? He said if I was going to do anything for power, he would change the rods and pistons. I wanted to drop some JE pistons in there, even if they made them that big, but was told that they would be in the neighborhood of $600.

-- Head milled 8 thousandths just to clean it up, no trick work done to the head, just typical valve job. He DOES NOT know the compression.

I asked him if hed take $500 and he said sure, heres the story on the engine:

He said about a year ago some guy brought it in from a 93 G20, his wife had ran it with no oil and cooked it. He said he redid everything including regrounding the crank. They guy gave him a $1000 deposit a year ago and hasnt been able to contact him since.

I was going to get them to make an all motor monster with some big injectors, S3 cams, cobra MAF, bored TB, and one of Big Boosts' Stage 2 intake manifolds. I came to the realization that this could not be done for anything less than $2500, with the wisdom of Greg Perry, SERprise, of course! Thanks Greg! I am sticking with a turbo, theres just so much more area for power expansion plus I would be afraid of putting too much power to that big of a bore and melting a cylinder wall.

For $2500 you can have a DET or VVL plus add some mods, custom exhaust manifold, bigger turbo, Timer, bigger BOV, anything and have as much or more HP as spending that same money on this setup. Greg, you know your **** man, it makes perfect sense!

Hope this little sumamry helps someone! :D
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