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Red NX in Grand Rapids, MI

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Last week (Wednesday Night) I was driving East on 196 through Grand Rapids, and Boom.... a red NX flew by me! I tried to catch up and got pretty close it before getting blocked off by a dumb Explorer. I did get side by side with the guy but could not get his attention (damn broken horn). It seemed pretty stock on the outside but by the way it flew down the highway it seemed like some suspension work was done or something.

It was a cherry red NX, and if the guys is not on the forum we need to recruit him. I need some more NXs in the neighborhood. Maybe someone who can teach me more about working on it a litttle.. my suspension job is still behind due to lack of skills and money to pay someone to do it.

If someone knows this guy have him post. I talked to someone at GVSU who had an NX about the forum, the guy was less then interested.

Whats up to all the West Michigan Forum Members! Can't wait for warm weather and see you all again!
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This summer is going to be so good. I noticed a black lowered NX in Allen Park (my old hometown) so i have to get that guy to hang out with us. The car is always up on jackstands in his driveway to so I know he's up to something! See you guys in the summer! Yay
I'm scared to see you again Steve :D You were all Gitty just looking at turboed cars, this year your driving one :D Hows the winter driving?
LOL i know Chris we haven't hung out since that one little meet we had when you first got your DET. LOL, yeah I still get gitty about my car, but its hard to get excited in this weather. I seriously sometimes can't believe I'm driving a Turbocharged SE-R (my dreamcar).
The winter driving is alright, it hasn't been really slippery down here. My car just feels a little loose/rattly/old in the cold. Dude wednesday it was dry and I did a little 1st gear burnout and left 2 marks down the street. I know that sounds stupid, but that was the first time i've ever seen the marks on the ground. I was so pumped! It sounded wicked, and made me really happy to have this beast of an import. Anyways, let me know whats been going on with you, on here, or AIM. Later Chris

Not a whole lot. New for this year:
Gab Struts
Tein Springs. Unless I can sell em
Front strut bar
New and improved I/C piping
Painted VC
Stock Wheels painted
Headlight bulbs (Rice boy style ;) )
XM radio.
I'll probably wash it too :D
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Sounds good Chris! Speaking of seeing Nissans around, holy crap EMU is being taken over! Theres 2 black, 2 door B13 XE's here. Also just this morning i saw 2 black 91-92 SE-R's!!! Not only were they the first SE-R's i've seen here, but i saw 2 of them right in a row (one had a big muffler on it). And then i know of 2-3, 4 doror XE's that are cool. Anyways they must have seen my car last year and wanted one. O well I still have the baddest import hear because mine is turbo'd. It was just weird to see all these black B13's come out of nowhere. I'll try to talk to some of them to get them to hang out in the summer. Later

we need like some forum business/promo cards to put on windsheilds of cars to get their attention and see if they visit the site and sign up. that would be sweet.
WOW, keep the new peeps coming, we need to get in contact with these people.

LOL yeah i hear you guys. I wanted to leave a note on their windshields to tell them about the oppurtunities that would come if they came to this forum and met all of us (I mean that would be a dream come true if someone would go up to an import guy and expose them to all this!). It's funny all the 2 door Sentras i've seen are Black with a Spoiler. 2 XE's, and 2 SE-R's, all looking cool! Anyways i'll try to talk to everyone here, and hopefully we'll have a MOB this summer! Woo.

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