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replaced drivers seat foam

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This is the foam that was in the drivers seat of my '93 Classic. The difference is night and day with better foam in there. It's like a whole new seat.

The lower foam wasn't as badly worn - a tear in the underside of the side bolster. It took about 2.5 hours start to finish to replace the foam on the seat-back and base on one seat. I used plastic zip ties instead of the wire rings to reattach the fabric to the foam.

I highly recommend replacing seat foam if you're autocrossing or doing track days with stock seats.
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where did you get the foam from? and do you have pics of the install?
Courtesy Nissan has the foam. No pics of the install, but it's pretty straightforward. Not difficult, but time consuming.
The foam on my seat isn't in the greatest condition. I might need to do this sometime in the future. How much does Courtesy charge for the foam?
b13ken said:
How much does Courtesy charge for the foam?
Ditto I wanna know as well... ;)
yep... prices please!!
I went the super-cheap route myself and swapped the passenger seat foam to the drivers side. The passenger side was in almost-new condition since it gets used far less than the driver seat.
b13ken said:
How much does Courtesy charge for the foam?
So are you saying you swapped the foam over this time or bought new foam from courtesy and swapped that in? Also is this foam the firmer type in the 91-92 seats (I mean the replacements that courstey carries)?

Jeff, that's exactly what my back pad looked like when I replaced it two years ago, and the bottom pad had the same problem yours did. I was very pleased after the swap.

As for you guys wanting prices, just pick up the damned phone and call Courtesy or Mossy or Brown and Brown or whoever.
$146/seat for foam from Courtesy....RIP OFF!!!!! You could buy an aftermarket bucket for that much.

To clarify - I didn't buy new foam. I put passenger seat foam into my driver seat.
Silly question here, but can you just swap the seats? I mean right to left?

Mine has the same problem as Jeff's had on the right shoulder. (Well on my big gorilla body its almost my kidney!)

<Light dawns on marblehead> Sorry I know the answer! :D dummy!
No, you cannot swap the seats. The seatbelt receptacles are bolted to them making the seats handed.

As for that Courtesy price, no way. Did you tell the parts guy you're an SE-R list member? I paid less than $100 for both.
No, I didn't tell him I was a SER list member....oops.

The foam is interchangeable between seats - the actual seat frames are not.
Let me know if you can get the part number. I think I was unable to find it in FAST.

When I asked about the SE-R list discount, Caleb at Courtesy said

I am already including a discount. The SE-R cushions are $146.35 each.
Wow. Try Quality (Greg Vogel) or Brown and Brown.

Considering their age and that they're not made any longer, Nissan could have revalued their inventory in the three years since I bought mine.
Was anyone able to get the part number for these?

My local dealer struck out as Chris said withthe FAST cd parts catalog.
id love to re-foam mine, but i just called two dealerships and they both wanted $167 just for the drivers side bottom piece. is there anything else i can do to get my side bolsters back?
I have my cloth off and carpet out of the car right now and am waiting for a leather kit to install and new carpet (meanwhile I'm cleaning the crap out of the interior and installing dynomat.

My drivers seat cushion needs replaced too.

Do I smell a group buy? I will pay $115 if anyone has a connection.

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