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While I was fooling with the dashboard trying to get my foglights activated, the light in my foglight switch went out. Whether I bumped it or it was just time, I don't know.

I know I read here somewhere that you can put new bulbs in the switches - how do you get the switch open? Also, what are the correct bulbs for this application?

Thanks in advance.

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The hazard/defrost/and fog switch bulbs can be replaced. You can access the bulbs by removing the switch from the panel and unscrewing them from the top.

The fog and defrost switches use two bulbs, one of each listed below:

Blue bulbs are used as illumination.
part # 25169-89909

Clear bulbs are used as the indicator light.
part # 25169-89905

The hazard switch uses only one bulb instead of two, it's red of course.
part # 25169-89910

Hope that helps.
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