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Revo Technik Serial Port Switch SPS 3 Ver 1.1

$100 plus shipping and paypal fee...

This version utilises the same features as the SPS1 and SPS2 with the added benefit of having variable boost and timing control.

This functionality allows the user to adjust the car to varying degrees of performance by changing the boost pressures from the turbo. It also allows the user to use any grade of fuel at any time without the worry of damage to the engine. It also can be adjusted to take full advantage of race fuel or octane boosters that are typically out of the range of any performance software. All safety mechanisms and routines are left intact to prevent the user from setting the engine to operate outside of the safety limits.

The SPS 3 device allows the user to change the boost and timing of the vehicle. Some people wanted only 1 BAR programs for reliability and economy while others wanted 1.4 BAR for power. This gives the user the ability to select the desired boost level for what ever they are doing, be it a track day or a long trip. The adjustable timing allows the user to maximize power by adding or removing engine ignition timing. Some people like to use octane boosters for track days and this will allow the user to add more timing to fully utilize the added octane. While for the drive back they may want to fill tank with standard grade petrol to save money. This also allows the user to remove timing to provide a smooth and safe performance level with standard grade fuel.

Quick reference guide
Mode 0:Off, SPS3 is inactive
Mode1: Stock program enabled
Mode2: Performance mode enabled
Mode3: Boost vario
0=Minimum boost
6=Default performance boost setting
9=Maximum boost settings

Mode4: Air/Fuel vario*
0=Minimum performance setting
9=Maximum performance settin
Mode5: Timing vario
0=Stock timing
3-5=recommended for 95ron fuel
5-7=recommended for 97/98ron fuel
7-9=Premium fuel with octane booster or Unleaded race fuel
Mode8: Anti theft on
Engne will not run
Mode9: Anti theft off
Engine will run as normal

Revo Technik Web Site


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in VW's Audi's and their cars through the company, you can "chip" your car, and just by a program of uploading a new one it will adjust the fuel, boost, and timing. its all done through the computer on the car...

you upload the program which overwrites the existing controls and writes in new ones, and with that alone like in a stock GTI for example. in the 1.8T motor stock boost for the K03S turbo it was 10 PSI, well once chipped it would bump the PSI to 20-21 and adjust the fuel/timming as well.
is for turbo german cars. it works great. perfect if your car doesn't have a chip. plus you can always at anytime go back to the stock settings. VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, or Porsche

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it works great. perfect if your car doesn't have a chip.
That's false. You must have a REVO ecu installed in order to use this device.

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