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look at is everythin ghooked up? if the tranny is still on left hand sidewtf is going on im it just something i have to see in person?

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look at what?
Houston, we have a problem.

Jeff, no pics or links.

You're looking at the first picture, right? Kind of dark to see, but you're right, that does look like a tranny case to me.

Peace out,
maybe im lost but i dont see what your talking about. in the upper right pic it looks like the engine is in the same place as ours is.
The tranny is still on the same side. Just the steering rack, brake booster, and a bunch of other crap is reversed. Like the AC line, that comes out where the steering column is.
Yep, this got me thinking, I wonder if I can use the steering parts off of the pulsar....
whats going on? i dont understand....yes, the only difference is steering, ac, heat, etc. the shift pattern is the if its rhd you pull the shifts to you, instead of this what you are talking about?
I don't know but I'm digging that sporty pink trim on the dash, and how about the STB, look at the damn near 90* angles the brackets have to make to clear the interwarmer, a good hard turn and the bracket is going to bend rather than keep the geometry square.
I figured everyone would want that pretty pink dashboard :D
I can dig the pink! Pure JDM
I dig the rust on the intercooler.. ;)
i thought that because it was rhd that the stuff was the other way like tranny on the rhd side
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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