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Hey all.... hoping somebody could help me out a little with this problem. I was in attendance at the KC geekout and several people mentioned that if i accelerated at WOT (wide open throttle) i would get a puff of black smoke on the 1-2 shift.

I can also smell the fact that i am running very rich in the top end. Any thoughts or suggestions?

BTW i dynoed 125 horse and 120 torque today on a 142000 mile car. Granted recently the car has been abbused somewhat as it is most often used for short trips but even after the car worms up and is running fine it will still do it. Mods are listed in the sig.

let me know what anyone thinks. i will be posting this to the e-mail list as well.

Talk to everyone later.

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well i see nothing uncommon about it. i know that red nx2000 that showed up would run rich when he left. i've seen a se-r with a rebuilt motor run rich. you're obviously still making the power, and it wasn't smoking when you dyno, so i don't think it's nothing to be worried about really.

btw rick, i love your car. it's so beat up and ghetto, but sounds so sick with that hs cai, it's great! riding in it back from don chilloto's (or however the heck you spell it) was great when you got on it. it felt like it had more power than mine did.
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