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RIP, my SE-R......

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So in May of '02 I sold my Z32 and bought a '91 SE-R, with plenty of money to mod with. The summer of '03 I pretty much dominated STS, at the cost of a 2nd gear synchro. This winter mods were going to be finding enough space in the fenders for 13 * 8 rims, trust me I would have made the space....

So one day I went to pick up a '93 parts car, just wanted the tranny. On the way back from the 250 mile (one way) trip I round the last corner onto my street. See an ambulance, then a fire truck..

"oh ****, please be the neighboors"

But the 4" fire house going into my backyard was a giveaway. My fathers garage (large enough to hold 5 limousines) was gone, as was my SE-R.

The list of chard mods (as I was eventually going turbo after a season of DSP)
-MSD 50 lbers
-Z32 MAF
-Stillen Flywheel
-ES bushings
-Progress front & rear sway bars
-Hotshot header
-Place Racing CAI
-Clutch Masters Stage III

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I had a few 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z interiors, seats, engines trannys in there to. And of course I only had liability on the car. Oh yeah, on more thing.... :mad: My parents homeowners policy does not cover automotive parts on or off the vehical.

Anyways, I bought a replacement 2 days later...

On top of that I have the '93 SE-R parts car, a '91 XE beater, and I'm buying a '92 XE with a good deal of suspension mods for $75.
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Sorry to hear about your Classic. Good luck with your new project :D
Damn dude, sorry about what happened. Sure does suck to lose the car that way. Hope you find another good SE-R if you ever look for one again.
Sorry to hear about your mishap. Keep your spirit up and don't lose hope. I know that it's dis-heartning to see all your investment go up in flame. I know the feeling.

How is the condition of the 93 parts car? Maybe you can build it up instead if it's not in bad shape. Take your time building. Don't lose sight of your priorities in life!
that sucks man, get a lawyer and get money! Anything NOT on the automobile should have been covered!!!
Damn dude! I am really sorry. Atleast everyone is safe and no injuries. Really sorry about the car bro!
DAmn, that sux!!!! Want to sell any parts off of the crispy se-r? LOL

This picture makes you want to cry..anyone that owns a Classic knows they would cry if this was thier baby............
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wow thats crazy man, atleast your dad is allright and everything.
That really sucks man. Thank God no one was hurt or killed. I know what it is like to deal with a fire... my dad's tv repair store caught on fire. Twice. The second time it burnt to the ground, along with 100-200 customer's televisions and vcrs. I remember cleaning stuff with brushes at the wee age of 5. Hang in there man. Good luck with the new project.

How did the fire start???
I'm really sorry about the house, car and all of the goodies you had in there...glad nobody got hurt and that these things are (mostly) replaceable. Have fun with the new project!
wow that sux. im sorry dude good luck rebuilding
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