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RNN14 GTI-R motor swap f/s

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RNN14 GTI-R 1994 Complete Rnn14 GtiR sr20det motor swap f/s (complete for a SR20de motor car Se~R.) motor is complete with original attached harness, ecu, mfs & mfs intake hose, distributor with spk pg wires and with ignition coil, 4-throttle body complete intake with all original injectors,alternator, starter, flywheel and clutch and flex plate, T-28 turbo in great condition, Compression on the motor is 170psi, motor has been dyno bench tested, comes with a limited start up warranty.

E-mail or call me for more info.

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price is $2200 shipped too the east coast area.
also motor comes with a limited warrenty and photos will be supplyed befoer shipping.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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