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Went and autocrossed today, at the monthly SWVR shindig. I put on some new plug wires last week (good 'ol Accel), plus 2 of the 4 ES motor mount inserts, and didn't think anything of it.

It made a huge difference today. Either my old wires were terribly crappy...or the Accels make a big difference. I vote for the latter. Here's why:

Usually, I'm 2-3 seconds behind a certain B Stock Miata (with sticky Kumhos, no less). I'm on Bridgestone RE-71s, street tires.

Today...after three runs...we were within less than one second of each other. To me, that's a substantial improvement.

The car accelerated noticably harder than I can remember it doing. It caught me literally by surprise on a fast section of the course. The power steering hose still has a leak, and if I can figure out how to actually get the hose off the car, I'll replace it. Old bolts are a *bitch*.

Now...the bad news. I got the dreaded red battery light on the dash while coming home (45 miles). Figured I wouldn't make it home, but it held in there right up to my driveway, then gave up. I think it's new alternator time.

I crossed 150,000 miles on the drive to the autocross, so I really can't complain about replacing the original alternator. Not at all.

In all...a GREAT autocross. Plug wires and ES motor mounts make a HUGE difference, much more than I thought they would. The alternator going out sucks...but I think I got my money's worth out of the original. The new sig pic (below) was shot today, by the way.
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