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rod and main bearing sizes

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rebuilding my low port sr20se need to know where the bearing sizes are stamped checked crank, and block cant find the #'s would like to order bearings this week thanks
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On my DET they where on the crank counter weight furthest to the driver side. You may need to get a small mirror to be able to see into the space between the crank and the timing cover.
as per the fsm you need the numbers from the first crank counterweight. The top row of numbers (5 total) is for your mains, [the row below that (4#s) is for your rod bearing grades] Then on the block where the aluminum oil pan mates there is another set of (5) tiny numbers. once you have the 2 rows of 5 you add them in columns.. should look something like 11111 & 12222
so in that particular instance you would need the following: #1- grade 2, #2-5-grade 3....if this aint clear enough i believe JWT's and/or SR20DEvelopment's site has that info for bearing selection.. hope this helps.. good luck!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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