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I always here people having rolling starts and others dead stopped starts. I think a dead stopped start would definitely show who is the better driver/car. What does a rolling start prove? Im sure it is better on the clutch though.

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In my experince of racing for almost 2years. A serious 2years...Rolling start in my eyes doesnt show all the potential. Cause from a dead stop, that shows the launch skills, timing, reaction time. A dead stop is also a good way to embarass a person too
. But yes i think the rollin start gets rid of the driver error. Which is like boggin down, whell spin, not payin attention. A short story right quick. Our car club has a WRX in it. He has like the BPU(basic power upgrade) pretty much. He lacks the exhaust only...But anyways... We go from a dead stop all the time to practice. And he pulls atleast 3cars on the launch then keeps goin. But we race from a roll and its only 1 car length, but he is walkin on me. opinion. Also if you know you can launch. Take the dead stop option.

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