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long story short im getting a 93 sentra se-r to be my daily driver ... i currently own a 1988 mazda rx-7 turbo and love the thing to death .. however theres a few projects im looking to do to it, that i simply cant complete in one night and i need to have a running car at all times ...

basically a good friend of mine is selling her 93 sentra se-r
its got sun damage on the trunk and the trunk leaks ..
headliner is falling a bit ..
few dents and dings .. nothing too crazy though ..
new clutch .. .
radiator was replaced a year or two ago ..
shes never experienced the 5th gear pop out crap that some have
the car has been well maintained since she has owned it, and she is the second owner ...
i think this car will make a great daily driver, the only concern i have with it is the milage .. the car has 220,000 miles on it ... however its been maintained VERY well ... her dad used to / still does work for nissan (the plant in smyrna TN) , so hes always made sure the car was maintained ...
anyway im paying 1k for the car ... do you guys think its worth it ... if the car hasnt had the piss beaten out of it is it safe to assume i can get another year or two atleast out of that motor?

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My general rule of thumb is a car that's in decent condition that runs great (not a lot of mechanical fixing) is worth around $1500. Crappy body but good mechanically, $1k. Good body, no motor $400-500. Sounds like a good deal to me.
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