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If you guys want to do something let that than call my shop (Acceleration Pluss in CT) I could probably get a killer deal and all you would need is only like 8-10 people like that. I usually keep those rotors in stock anyways and I also keep the EBC Green pads for our cars. Call me at the shop. I am there all day tommorrow. The # is 860-513-1044. If I can get at least 5 orders or so I could probably have the stuff for tuesday or wednesday. I actually have some EBC Greenstuff pads in stock for the AD22V's. (I have them on my 1991 SE-R with power stops and it is the best brake pad I have ever used) Here is the link!!!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Storm88000:
Hmm...tempting me.

you dont have that kinda money!!

Ryan Walsh, 1997 200sx SE-R w/ ES mounts, JWT s4's, AEBS 4-1, PR CAI, Sportlines/AGX's, Bridgestone re730's, Stillen GTR grill
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