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Ok has any one looked by there rear strut housing and seen rust ? alon the seem were its welded to the body. I have rust happing back there kinda bad I just found it the other day but I cant see it just feel it I found it when I reached behind the inner and outer panle and ran my hand on the top of the wheel well and strut housing/mount, its to the point were I easiy put a small hole thrue the metal with a finger. just wondering if any one else has had this on there NX or im just a unlucky person to get this. from the location of the rust I dont think it will be a easy fix. but im not a autobody expert by a long shot. in a few days my NX is going in to the shop for my bumper to be fixed and ill have them look at it and give me an estimit. just hope im thinking the worst and it not as bad as I think


92 NX2000, kyb agx, intrax springs, jwt pop,
3a Racing muffler with bonzi tip,
17 " mille miglia mm 112, Yokohama avid h4
ACT clutch on order
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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