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I did some fun run's at the end but did not run with the big guys yet. The
first run I did, in the SE-R I was getting use to it, lost and hit a cone,
and did a 74 sec. This is a highspeed course with a big carosell in it.
2nd run, I did a 64, gave it all the car had, tires gripped better, and went
smoother in areas I didn't, also did not hit any cones, but on the carosell
I lost the rear of the car and fishtailed like a RWD car did and just nailed
the gas and had complete control in that turn, it felt awesome!! But it
costed ma few sec when the car bogged right after that. Here are some pics
of me and the SE-R doing it :) The lighting of the day wasn't too good.
But was I surprised how well I did. All the novice people where getting
60-67 sec, next up 52-60. Ed was novice and he did 58 for his best in the
Maxima. Peelboy got to see him run as well. I think he is gonna get bumped
up a class next time. hehe.

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Thats not to bad. It took me about 6 runs to get around to the novice levels. Or at least close. The event was with BMWCCA and they have some kick ass cars running. Full race prep M3's,Integra Type R's,turboed miata's
it was a pretty diverse bunch of cars. Anyway the best of the best were running 1:14~18, And the majority (M3's,325is's,328's,VW's) was around 1:20~28. I was pulling 1:23's. Hey if I can run with them($$$$)in my 14K beeter I'm happy!

Mike G.

Discussion Starter · #4 · is our autocross. It's not as good as scca but it works for now. I want to get into the big boys in houston that actually have a road they drive on....that will be fun!
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