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S14/S15 Turbo Rebuild

Okay don't start the bashing, I know they say they can't be rebuilt but what the heck after dismantling one it didn't seem that bad. Okay here goes from the top:

My old T25, still in top condition

My New Turbo, GTiR T28

Okay on to my story, I originally paid for and got a damaged S15 turbo, I only found out after everything was up and realized the turbo was smoking, thought it was the restrictor but later realized the turbo was damaged. So last week I got my hands on a damaged S14 turbo same kind of problem. I've tried bolting these two compressor housings onto the GTiR center section but no go until I realize that there is this C-Clip


So I am now thinking I have to take the supporting cylindrical frame off from around the S14 or S15 turbo and attach it to the area where the GTiR orginal frame is and then attach the housing. So maybe I got that solved. So I compared the two turbos, S14 and S15

S14 and S15 housing

Look at the seperator on the S15 between the Wastegate and the Exhaust blade
S14 Exhaust Housing

S15 Exhaust Housing

The Ball Bearing center section - the Remains

I also had took the opportunity to do some digging and show us guys that the S14 and S15 turbos don't need that restrictor, within the oil feed there is a built-in restrictor that is splined into the oil feed section of the CHRA, take a look

Yes that funny looking thing I'm holding actually is splined into the CHRA oil feed entry point, and if you look closely at it it has a hole that I tried to show that is the restrictor.

There is a raceway inside the CHRA that houses two bearing cages with five (5) ball bearings each, one on each side, I still have to get the pics of these, probably by tomorrow I will have them. Anyway, the bearing cages are at each end of the raceway and the center shaft that carries the two blades, is used to keep the ball bearings in place. For some reason on both turbos the exhasut side bearing always gets damaged, since I have both turbos I am going to use two compressor side bearings and try and fix the problem. The only problem is that one of the shafts got damaged pretty bad and the other has a bad oil ring seal. I removed the old oil ring seal but now I am going to find a replacement. Dismantling the turbo wasn't so bad after I relaized that the restrictor also kept the Raceway locked in the CHRA, oither than that it was pretty simple to scrap out. I have took them apart and put them back together again so I know what goes where, I am jst looking for the oil ring seal and I am going to try and mount it and see what it gives.

I know everyone knows they can't be rebuilt but what the hell, I'm giving it a shot. I'll try and get more pics so that everyone can better understand what I'm doing if you'll are interested. Other than that I have a lot of scrap turbos for some upgrading :rofl: :biggthump
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