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Hey Folks new here. Been doing some research haven't got very far. Probably searching the wrong things.

So I have an s13 240sx with s14 sr20det swap.

Half decade ago around the time when I parked it. I broke some connections on my AAC valve (thats what Nissan printed on the part I'm sure IACV is same maybe?)

Anyways enough with story time.

Are there any other SR20 motors that have the same valve or the same relay and sensor I can steal from them?
Found brand new ones for over 300 CAD not looking to spend that much money but if that's what it takes to get this old girl up and running I might just have to do it.

Side note also having starter issues. I think what I found is KA have same brushes and relay. Just to confirm if any of you know .. can I buy New KA starter ( way cheaper then SR starter) and just pull the parts off and rebuild my Sr starter...? Might have got mixed up with s13 Sr now I'm thinking of it.. thanks folks.
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