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Sacramento Raceway...

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So the tracks open again and I need to go try this out. Never been, planned on it last season but too much **** kept happening to my car.

So, I'd like to go break something there before I break it elsewhere!

Who wanna go? I've never been so I'd like some experienced guys to go with. Help out...

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Hey Im Down Let Me Know When!
shoot...when i get a new clutch. **** won't do crap with these 17's...slips all the way through 2nd gear...and i don't even launch...ghey......................
Yeah, I have to start off then rev to like 3k til I can punch it.........shitty.
Hey Redrocket...nice To See Im Not The Only 1997 Se-r In California..
Where Did U Buy Your Car?
sure jason, let me know which Wed. u wanna go, lets go smoke some honda ass!
I need a tach! Fruck...stupid gauges. I broke mine :D. As soon as I hook up a new one let me know when you wanna go! Have you been there before?

I need to hook up this intake holder upper thing too. ****...I just couldn't help but to buy it. Haha...oops.
yeah been to the track a few times, only ran my lost gs-r on one vist. Never had a chance to run my sr20 yet.
Coo. I need to start going legal. I'll let you know when my car's running good enough to go.

i am interested in going as well and i can prolly get some others to come with.
I live in that area too, It would be nice to go and meet some folks there.
If it doesn't rain i'll be there tomorrow...
Man, like a dumbass...I just realized I have school on Wednesdays :rolleyes:. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Owell, I can skip skoo...don't even like the class. Just taking it becuase it's too late to get a refund and it gives me something to do. :D
Soopastank said:
If it doesn't rain i'll be there tomorrow...
It's raining and it's WINDY!!!!!:) No racing today!!!!
Yeah, I was gonna skip skoo but owell. Man, class was gay today, too. I feel asleep 4 times. I don't even know why I go anymore. It's like an uncomfortable naptime I pay for. To bad it isn't HS...they were free :D.

Anyone going next week?
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