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Quote from Mattback on "Everybody ready for DDAY 2 ?? Legal Drift in Tampa!!

I thought I might give all of you Nissan guys a quick look at what's coming up. Everybody with a rwd nissan is practically required to come to this event, but i'd love everyone to come out, the se-r gang and everybody! "

" Dday Ii : Drifting Invades Primus - **may 22nd 2004**

You wanted drifting to come back to the Tampa Bay area, and We're making it happen again!! Kyle, Erik and Myself have all been working our tails off to get drifting closer to those who are actually participating in the events!

Here are the details:

DATE: MAY 22ND 2004

- Secret Services
- Z Fever
- Automotive Engineering
- Advance Performance Wheel & Tire
- XAT Racing

LOCATION: PRIMUS Racetrack - Palmetto, Florida

Primus is a REAL track, it is actually a Go-Karting facility, but cars have run on it in the past, and it has been a wonderful success. Incase you were wondering whether or not the track is TOO narrow for people to drift on, allow me to retort. Keep in mind a picture is worth a THOUSAND words. "

ADMISSION FOR PARTICIPANTS: $75 / Driver PRE REGISTRATION --- $90 Day of Event. We HIGHLY reccomend getting everyone pre registered, as well as come by Secret Services or other locations to get your cars once-over'd. This way you will know what you need to meet tech requirements, which we hope to accomplish quickly and safely the day of, to increase the track time for YOU, the avid drifter.

Bring a helmet!!! There will not be loaner helmets for people, and we can't have people waiting in line, but not being able to run because their helmet is being used by someone else this time around! We've teamed up with Automotive Engineering at US19 and Ulmerton, and they are selling helmets that regularly cost $100 at $85 if you speak to Guy and mention the Primus drift event!

ADMISSION FOR SPECTATORS: $5 Each. Children under 5 are FREE. Senior Citizens (50+) admitted FREE.

Primus is a brand new facility, so we are going to emphasize cleanliness and respect towards the track, it's workers, and the local environment. Any goofing around, horseplay in the pit area, and otherwise disrespectful behavior will NOT be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the facility with no refund. There will be Manatee Sheriff's Deputies on site to ensure a safe and fun event for everyone.

This time around we will have a full vendor midway where local shops can set up a tent and small booth where they can tell you a little bit about their business and the services they provide. They may even give out prizes to those that are doing exceptionally well on the track!

This event is NOT going to be a competition, rather an Open invitation to anyone wanting to get more seat time in a safe legal environment for drifting. The track will consist of 9-10 turns that are easy enough for a stock 240sx to slide, but technical enough for the highly modified skilled driver to link (hint: combo) the entire section.

Parking is ample, but limited, so we reccomend carpooling for the spectators. We want you out there, but we don't want you to have to austin powers your car in order to get a parking spot!

This time around Tandem drift will only be permitted by those that have the required safety measures (Roll Cage), so please, if you plan on drifting with someone else, make sure both of you have the required safety precautions. DGTrials is an Autopower dealer, and they sell cages at great prices for people!

There will be a best of the best showoff at the end of the day consisting of the 5 best drivers from throughout the day. This will be a 15 minute full track exhibition as kind of a reward to both the spectators and the drivers who have been tearing it up all day. Guys that are good: Be sure to save a pair of tires for it!!!

We will be announcing the sponsors as they register, as well as the participants!! It's up to you guys, the drifters, to come out and have a blast at DDAY 2, We hope to see all of you out there!"

Me and a bunch of Local car clubs will be attending. I hope to see some SE-Rs out there, you heard the man, he wants you guys to show up! BE THERE!
BTW this isnt just for 240s, I even heard that there will be a DeLorean drifting outthere, that alone is worth my 5 bucks haha!
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