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Say goodbye to my Sparco wheels?

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I found out today that two of them are bent pretty bad, and I am not sure if they can be repaired. I think I'm gonna cry...josh
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Got a hammer? You might be able to do it yourself if you can distinguish where the bend is, if it's not major. I had some 17" Borbets that were bent - hit 'em with a hammer and they were fine for about 2 months until I hit more potholes and said screw it.
One of them is bent right on the lip, so I think I could bend it back. The other seems to be bent right on the ?"hub" of the wheel. Im not too sure that it can be fixed, and I am not about to search the world for a discontinued wheel that costs more than a Volk anyways....Josh
nizzan4u2nv said:
^^Yeah, i wanna see. Are they worth saving?
In my opinion they are. They look like the Hockenheims TSW put out a while back, but they weigh around 11lbs. each, instead of the hocks that weigh 20lbs. each...Josh

EDIT: Found a pic om mty car from last year...
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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