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Say hello to the new guy....

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Hello people

I'm new to this forum, and I just popped in from "downunder" New Zealand to ask a few questions about stuff. I'm hoping someone can answer them for me!

1. Does the Nissan Primera (I don't think you get it in the States) run on the SR20DE engine ? What about the Nissan Pulsar, same engine? What's the difference between the SR20DE and the SR20DET ?

2. What are the factory specs for these engines/cars? Horsepower etc etc (A homepage link is OK)

3. What is this 'catback' system you keep on mentioning? Is it anything like mandrel bent exhaust, or am I missing the point completely, or is it just a brand name ?

I think that's all I can think of for now! For clarification of the cars I'm talking about, plese have a look at this 2 minute webpage I strung up

You'll have to copy and paste the URL as I see HTML has been disabled in this forum.

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Well it looks as though I've answered my own question on number 2, found a great site ( which gave me the info I needed about stock standard hp.

It seems like the SR is about 145hp.

What the site didn't do was say whether this engine was used in the Primera OR Pulsar. Can anyone clarify this please?

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Check out the main site for SR20DE info:

That should cover most of it, except the catback question.

A "catback" exhaust is a aftermarket mandrel bend exhaust from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe, hence the term.

If you have any specific questions try asking the se-r-list archives at
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