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I ran this weekend at the SCCA drivers school at Summit Point, trying to get my race license. I did a writeup on my web site at:

Basically, you're supposed to do two schools before you can actually race, but I got a waiver for the second school. =) My 163,000-mile '91 SE-R survived the whole weekend. Stock motor, stock sway bars, Hotshot header, JWT ECU, crusty HKS air filter, Truechoice shocks in front and KYB AGX's in back, 450/350 # springs.

The car got a little dinged up in one of the practice starts when a stock car (some ARCA-looking thing) spun and was sideways in the middle of the track. I tried to get around him but clipped him with my passenger-side door and rear fender. Damage wasn't too bad, and I continued on for the next start and 5-lap race.

Just before that incident, I passed a bunch of cars on the front straight by diving down the inside and getting two wheels in the dirt. I heard later that the instructors and everybody else down in Turn 1 were clapping and cheering. =)

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Way to go Pat!!!
I am so jealous. Maybe when my kids graduate from high school (in about 16 years!) I'll get a chance to turn my Mighty SE-R in to a race car. I figure I'll still be autocrossing it in 2017...:D
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