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Well, to start this off, the sasca club could not have there normal
autocross at our normal location because RETAMA park decided to book someone
over our slot and it took our space. Well this really sucks. Anyways, the
PORCHE club let us join them at there location on the other side of town,
which was a very tight course.....The tightest I have ever driven. There
were 28 cars, z28s, most porches, only 3 FWD cars including me, the other
was a SI, 626 V6 5SPD. Welp, the guy who drives the 626 is a pro, and I am
a novice. Welp, I matched his times and then beat his times doing my best
as a 41.24 sec!!!! Only one person got below 40s, and it was a 39. I know
I could have gotten better but I was tired and so was the car.

The SE-R now with its new 15" 200sx se-r wheels, and RE71 tires, with KYB
AGX cranked ALL THE WAY UP, 4 and 8 which I was really surprised I could do
since when I did it before I kept loosing it. Well, the new tires were so
sticky, the rear did not come out at all, even going 30 mph through a salom
almost at full throttle! The new brakes as well, AXXIS MM, did awesome.
They held, did not fade. Too bad there not that great for daily driving in
some cases of a 5mph stop I tried and succeeded doing but it didn't stop
fast enough, it was a slow stop, almopst causing me to hit someone that
stopped at a yield with no other cars coming and talking to there
passengers, then I hit my horn and the flick me off, oh well, some people
have no life. Too bad we were just there to join the fun, but not to win
anything this time :) because I would have won 1st place for my group!

People were sooo amazed about how the car handled and the power, they said
it looked more powerful than the turbo cars out there tearing it up! I
can't wait till we have our regular one which I am use too which is alot
bigger and we can do alot more stuff in!

Sorry about rambling on guys, but man, I am amazed myself. I need sway bars
and this should complete the setup. I added a STB on there from TOPSPEED,
it did its job, but not very solid piece. It's cheap and works :).

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Well, I am using 195/50 on mine. But, I have to keep the correct +1 step for my car so my speedo won't be off. Your car in 205 will be fine. has some good + sizes under there faq area
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