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Se-r found ( for anyone looking)

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I found a 93 se-r today. It's repainted brand new ruby red but the original color was aztec red and the door jambs and under hood are that color. It had 82000 on the odemeter and looked like it had an sr20 from a g20 put in it, it had an infiniti emblem on the valve cover. Body was in really good shape just freshly painted and no rust. I would jump on it but I don't have the money and don't want to get rid of my blood sweat and tears. They wanted 2995 for it but it was one of those cheap buy here pay here places they would probably take 2000 if you walked up there with it. It's in Bradenton on old 301 just south of state rd. 70. Someone buy and take good care of it please!
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