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I am going to be down at e-town on june 30th which is this saturday coming up. If anyone would like to meet up and have an se-r pow wow let me know. My email address is [email protected] . Give me an email or just reply to this post. There will hopefully be a pack of se-r's headin down with me, I am not sure though. Either way it is the biggest show on the east coast at e-town that day. The toyo tires thing is going on and I think jaime will be there with his red monster. I am not sure, dont hold me to it. I would think he would be there though. Just let me know so we can have an se-r meet and reunion. Havent seen the east coast guys in 2 years. Since the time I just got my black se-r. I just got my blue one so maybe it is time for uniting again. I met a guy down there with stickers, if you have anymore that would be great. Because the little kid in the middle of the sticker is cool as ****. he sat in the middle of my sunroof. Look good. But I will talk to you all soon I hope. PLEASE WRITE BACK BECAUSE IT IS SHORT NOTICE. I would like to see a good turn out and I would be happy to meet new faces. Thanks again and I will see some of you this weekend.

Mark Merliss
97 SR20 SE-R (smurf blue) at least thats what jay hass calls it!!!
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I am always up for a caravan. It is just that last time I got hit from behind at 40mph. So if we go the speed limit I am down. hehe!!! Yeah, let me know where you want to meet up. If you can meet us on rt.15 down about wherever you get on that would be cool. Give me a call. My email address is [email protected] . You can reach me there and I will give you all of my info. Later

Mark Merliss
97 SR20 SE-R (blues clues) america's dairyland car!!!!
JPM Motorsports representitive!!!!
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