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Valve Cover $25 shipped
94 Maf $40 shipped
jdm block everything in it (pistons, rods etc.) $150 you pay shipping
94 intake/Exhaust cams Both $40 shipped. Get cams get cam gears free
jdm head, us head $60 a piece you pay shipping
Stock se-r shifter $10 shipped
Rear seat $25 you pay shipping
94 exhaust manifold $25 you pay shipping
Stock se-r springs and struts $50 you pay shipping
ac compressor $45 you pay shipping
factory radio $15 shipped
Considering trades for Greddy or HkS turbo timer or boost controllers, passengers side drive spindles, axles brackets that goes on block, drivetrain axles.

SR20VE or a T28? I dunno!
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Interested in the VC for $25 shipped...
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