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se-r pedals

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I think these are pretty cool, what do you think? Nice or rice?

the seller has 100% rating with almost 800 feedback. A groupbuy on these would be sweet, because they run about $80 bucks shipped...
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looks nice.. I like the bead blasted finish on them. but 80 dollars for pedals is about 50 dollars too much for me..
Do these fit B13's?

I like them but a little pricey. You can get similar Sparco Grips for $50 (obviously no SER logo)
chris13bsr20 said:
I like them but a little pricey. You can get similar Sparco Grips for $50 (obviously no SER logo)

Same here, if he would do a GB for alot cheaper, I would prob hop in.
i like them too, but i would not spend $80
They're alright. Honestly, the only thing I don't like is the SE-R logo. The dead pedal and gas pedal look great. They are pretty pricey though.
The sentra ones looks best. Do there pedals actually do anything other than looks?
they say that they are designed for heal toe shifting, but I don’t thing that pedal covers will make that much of a difference, IIRC the Spec V's pedals were designed for heal toe, or at least that’s what car and driver said, in that case the pedal covers cant make a big difference....
Are these direct replacements or are they mounted on the stock pedals.

And I agree, the cost seems a bit too high.
I have been looking for a nice set with a foot rest. I havent seen a four piece set for under 45 yet. ... and this set is the closest thing to what I may like.

I'd say not cheap, but for $69 plus shipping its not that far out of the market.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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