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Search tips from HJBarker & crew

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Ok, so, you're being really intuitive and using the search function. You're using multiple words in one string like "jwt +cams +S4."

What!? You'll probably get a reply saying it searched for everything with "jwt" but not "cams" or "S4" because they're "too common and were excluded from the search." Frustrated yet?

Try using jwt *cams *S4 The (*) is a "wildcard" function and it's really helpful when you're looking for a small word, part #, model #, or something else that keeps getting the boot from your local neigborhood search bot.

And, while we're at it, this is an internet forum. There are resources, like this "f(x); x={search}" (<<<math joke) and the Tech Library at the top. Should you not find what you're looking for, sure, post up a thread. Someone will be happy to answer. However, if it's a silly "my car doesn't idle" thread then you will probably, no, almost certainly be bashed. If you have seen the "Idle Problems" thread in the Tech Section, and tried everything in the thread, and still can't get it figured out, make sure you say that; it might save you a little sweat and offense. It shouldn't be that way sometimes, I know, but, such is life; fall 7 times, get up 8, get your **** running and show 'em who is capable of independent thinking!

Thanks for using SR20forum, thanks even more for searching, and we all hope you learn something useful here on the forum.

P.S. - being a paid member doesn't hurt either - you'll have access to things a nifty chat box, and sometimes even discounts on websites or forum members' stuff for sale!
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Good job. Help the guys out searching. Also, the + and " " marks dont help in searching usually.
Make sure to check out "Advanced Search." This function will save you loads of time.

1) Click on "Search" and it will pull down in a little window.

2) Click on "Advanced Search."

3) Now you can customize your Search Parameters. Narrow down where the Search Engine is...well....searching. This will cut down on your non-applicable "hits."

Utilize your chassis code when searching if appropriate. It usually is, and we discuss things quite often using chassis codes (B13, B14, S13, whatever...).

Brilliant freakin' idea for a thread. :biggthump
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I brought up the realivent * information, HJ just put it to good use! Good job! :)
TECH LIBRARY..... :biggthump

There is a button at the top of the page. It says "Tech Library," click on that sucker.

Enclosed within the Tech Library are a few dozen "How To's." These are explicit, detailed directions with photographs on how to do all kinds of upgrades and fixes to your ride. Take a moment and scan the articles, you'll be impressed.

If you ask a question that is specifically answered in the Tech Library when you are out of the Newb Fire-Free Zone....well that's just an invitation to your own on-line BBQ. :eek:

Tech Library is your homework. There will be pop quiz every Tuesday.
In addition to the above...

This is what I do before I ask questions... and when I have a lot of information...

I know that you are excited and have many questions. I am still the same way... But in all honesty, you will DEFINETELY get better results if you limit your questions by searching for all that... You will likely only get the same opinions that you will find through searching...

This is what I do.. I always get piece of mind when I do the following... I hope this helps.

How Ameen Searches Topics
1) If I have a topic I usually use Windows Notepad... I save the name as the topic I'm trying to find. After searching this specific topic, say "roller rocker information" ;), I will copy/paste all the good information I found in the notepad file; along with the link I found it from for reference.
2) I search here, the mailing list, and other related sites and compare the information.
3) Then I study that info, get a better perspective on it, and then remold my questions so they are more exact.

You will get much more respect if you can say: "I have found from searching from these threads that most people use ____ and their outcomes are ____. (Insert molded question(s) here)"

I promise. :D

True you'll never know if you don't ask, but unfortunately you can only ask the same questions so many times before people ignore you and just tell you to "search".
Well now Ameen...^^^^^^...thank you. That sounds more organized than my manic searches and taking notes by hand. :biggthump
Posting Pictures... It's pretty easy!

Member said:
How did you put a picture under your name the forum??? I didn't see under the edit options where I could put a URL in there. I can't get my computer to let me post pixs in threads either...:confused:
Hey Bud,
In order to post pics in forums you either need to do one of two things...
1) You can donate to the forum and then post your pics in the gallery or...
2) You can make a name on and host them there. That is what I do, and even though I donated I still like using photobucket. It's pretty easy to use and this way you can post pictures anywhere you want.

Ameen :)

Member said:
So do you still have to pay to put a image under your screen name??
Yeah, you have to have a contributors account to put a pic there.

You probably know this already... If you want one in your post... for instance:

I have a pic of a chill pill, all you need is the url of the pic and then you do this:

Here is the url for it:


Very Simple! enjoy!
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Pathfinder 7, member here, newbie, Thanks for the tip.
In addition to the Tech Library, don't forget.....

Stickies. - At the top of every section, these are usually full of information. That is why they are stickies.

Starting a brand new and redundant thread to ask questions that are specifically answered in a Sticky is a good way to get flamed.

EXAMPLES OF SEARCHING, taken directly out of threads where folks did not search.

Give these threads a read:

I actually go through a Search Sequence and Parameters for folks. Because I'm a helpful bastard. Or just a bastard, sometimes I get confused. :melonscratcher:


Here is me BBQ'ing the sh*t out of someone who refuses to SEARCH and then makes the mistake of argueing about it. That ended disastrously for the Newb, with him getting flamed to death and RIGHTEOUSLY so. I'll be the first one to help you as a Newb, and I'll be the first one to break out the lighter fluid and briquets to charcoal your ass if you refuse to SEARCH because you are acting like a lazy bastard. :D

That is exactly what you DO NOT want to happen. That is why you are reading this thread, to avoid acting like a dumbass and getting charbroiled. Good for you.

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Dear all seniors/experties,
Im trying to find the modification pic diagram for a stock distributor to a short one pre disributor.Or external power unit/direct inigtion to plug coil like Rwd system.
My intention is to mod my stock SR16VE distributor to a pre-power unit so when in de higher rev it can have a stable and efficience firing.
I have seen this diagram or pic posted in de forum sometime back last year but i search for it i not manage to get it.
Please help guide me on this
Thank You
Iv have som pictures of mod cars im *** to send it
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